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Personal Safety

Crime is a contentious issue in South Africa but some media reports can be overblown. In fact most tourists who visit South Africa depart after their vacation without any unpleasantness. Certain areas witness violent crime as a daily occurrence but this tends to be located in places like downtown Johannesburg and other areas that you not likely to visit on while safari, ie. townships.

Tourist venues are pretty safe, especially in places like the Kruger, and the Waterfront and central Cape Town have privately funded police and 24 hour surveillance cameras. South African authorities have made it a high priority to protect tourists and have deployed special tourism police in cities and large towns.

Common sense is important to ensure that your personal safety is in tact and take care as you would in most cities around the world.

There are a few things to avoid including visiting deserted places, wearing expensive jewellery, putting your camera and video equipment over your shoulder, and avoid carrying lots of cash and leaving your valuables in vehicles.

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