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What to bring

Thinking about the things you may need while on safari?

What to pack for South Africa

Given the moderate climate, you'll be comfortable during the summer months in light, summer-weight clothes most of the time, but do pack a jacket, socks, good shoes and a rain jacket for summer showers.

Pack lots of sunscreen and a hat, sunglasses and beach wear for the beach and for swimming pools in the summer months. Make sure you have at least one cotton shirt or top, with a collar, for sun protection. Stock up on insect repellent and, if you're planning to be in a malaria area, either wear long sleeves and long pants for evenings or spray insect repellent on exposed areas each day as the sun goes down. Bring good walking shoes / trainers / sneakers.

If you’re visiting in winter, pack warm clothes, including a fleece or warm coat, hat and scarf, etc, as it can get nippy in mornings in the evenings. Central heating is not usually found in most places in South Africa and the winter cold can take visitors by surprise. Although the sun shines in winter temperatures can get icy.

For the sun pack a bandanna or cotton scarf as well as a versatile wrap, sarong or kikoi. If you’ll be watching game, aim for reasonably neutral colours and avoid red, white and black but it’s not compulsory to wear khaki. Pack something warm for game drives - especially during May to September: a windbreaker or hoodie is ideal. South Africans are relatively casual dressers but you'll need something more formal to change into on the Blue Train and at exclusive hotels, for example no casual shorts or vest T-shirts.

Here is a brief summary of things you may be thinking of while you are planning your safari or tour with us.


A flashlight
Our electricity is 220-250 volt (you'll need a converter for hairdryers, etc.)
A socket adaptor - our plugs are three prong, round holes (15 amps)
A pair of binoculars (8X40 are recommended)
Camera and charger with spare memory and battery


Insect repellent
Personal medication
Malaria meds (if traveling in the bush)


Please try to limit your luggage as best as you can as there are restrictions on the amount of luggage space available.

Bring clothes for mild to very warm temperatures, but prepare for the cold or summer showers by including a fleece/windbreaker and a pair of long trousers.

Shoes should include a pair of all purpose, light and comfortable shoes as well as a pair of walking boots if a walk in the bush is on your itinerary.

Woolen gloves and scarves are important during the winter months (June - August)

A sunhat or cap is essential

Tips for packing light

Try to pack sticking to only the bare essentials and keep your suitcase as light as possible.

South Africa can have all four seasons in one day so pack for warm summer days and cool nights and early mornings (especially on game drives and outdoor excursions).

Remember to

Visit your doctor a month before travelling to arrange malaria meds and necessary inoculations. Inform your product owner of any medical conditions (if any).

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